Living in Maastricht (NL), I am an artist mainly working in ceramics.

Ever since I was introduced to clay at the academy I was captured by its endless shaping possibilities and stone-like qualities when fired. I always want to convey a feeling of magic, which has taken many forms in my work over the years. But ceramics has a special place in my heart, and stuck with me. I’ve been specializing in what I call mechanical ceramics; ceramic objects, sculptures and installations that can move, hinge, roll and rotate in ways typically not expected from ceramics. Together with the sounds, grinding and dust it produces it comes pretty close to that feeling of magic I aim for.

A recent highlight of this is my Ceramic Gears installation, first seen at the annual art route Plateaukunst 2023 in Terblijt (NL). To get the best impression of my current work I recommend visiting my Instagram page.

Instagram: @_merlinkater
YouTube: @merlinkater7756
CV: view page

Ceramic Gears
“The Dome” graduation piece
Graduation short film